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Artists Statement


My new sculpted feather pieces are inspired by the intricate patterns and textures presented in the natural world with the ebb and flow of the seasons.  A single feather image is contrasted with the depth of detail in the surrounded environment.


With the feather image as the basis, each piece comprises 5-7 unique layers, where each layer freezes in time an image of the spontaneous and fleeting patterns of nature, such as pollen in a puddle after a rain storm, the foam of the ocean, or a cluster of frog eggs.  Each layer expands the portrayal into the third dimension of volume. With a new layer, a new additive canvas is superimposed onto the piece where the textures and colors of different particulates including manmade and natural elements such as Georgia red clay, chips of wood and micro beads are selectively suspended in space. The viewer is encouraged to step close and search the details carried within each layer.


The play of light within the layers mimics the iridescence of a feather produced by nature’s own complex micro structures. A visual trace of current and liquid in motion emerges as one layer blends into another. With the change of the observer’s angle of view, the perceived colors shift just as they would when viewing a bird in flight. A never repeated, continually shifting view of the piece is revealed with each new glance.